Mix Lettuce Salad with Blueberries Dressing

  Ingredients Lettuce Mix  Rucola  Cherry tomato  Carrots in julienne cut  Chopped pecans  Sacha Inchi Oil  Blueberries jam Method In a bowl put all the vegetables previously washed and chopped and chopped pecans (can be replaced for cashews, almonds, sesame seeds).  Mix Sacha Inchi oil with blueberries jam (can be replaced for goldenberries, elder or…

Bread with Sacha Inchi Oil

  Ingredients Black and white sesame seed Balsamic vinegar  Maras salt (Himalaya or sea salt) and black pepper  Paprika  Sunflower seeds  Pumpkin seed  Method Mix Sacha Inchi Oil with the seeds and balsamic  Vinegar that can be the sweet reduced too….  Salt and pepper Soak your bread and enjoy!!!!